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Teaching English as a Second Language 1 (TESL 1)

Subject Code: ELI 317
Prerequisite: A university degree and advanced fluency in English*

*If education has been completed outside of Canada, candidates must present proof of Canadian equivalency of degree and proof of English Language Proficiency equal to standards.

Successful completion of TESL 1 entitles students to a Seneca Certificate of Standing in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language 1.  Program outcomes for TESL 1 meet the standards set by TESL Canada for TESL Canada Standard 1. Graduates seeking TESL Canada Standard 1 certification must apply directly to TESL Canada. Graduates of TESL 1 are eligible to take TESL 2.


ELI 317 provides students with foundational knowledge and skills to develop and deliver lessons that demonstrate understanding of the basic principles and techniques of second/foreign language teaching (ESL/EFL) needed to teach adult learners, based on the communicative approach. Participants receive a minimum of 100 hours of classroom instruction, 15 hours of on-line instruction, 25 hours of guided classroom observation, and 10 hours of supervised practice teaching.

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