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2. Prohibited Conduct

While the Code is based on common sense and mutual respect, there are specific prohibited behaviours that are outlined below and in other College policies including: the Discrimination/Harassment Policy, Personal Safety/Security Threats Policy, Information and Acceptable Use Policy, Copyright Information Policy, Fair Dealing Policy for Copyright-Protected Work, Academic Policy and Smoking Policy.

As well, any conduct that violates the laws and regulations of Canada, Ontario or the municipalities where Seneca has campuses will be considered a violation of this Code. These include acts such as theft, violence, weapon offences, drug offences, trespassing and fraud. It also includes contraventions of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Any unacceptable behaviour that is contrary to the spirit of this Code may also be considered a violation.

Specific additional behaviours covered by this Code in addition to those referred to above include the following:

2.1 Disruptive Behaviour

You shall not obstruct or disrupt, or attempt to obstruct or disrupt, any College activities. Examples of this behavior are non-compliance with instructions from a College Official; breaking the Information Acceptable Use Policy; failing to produce student identification when requested.

2.2 Disorderly Conduct

You shall not engage in disorderly, lewd or indecent conduct, nor engage in disturbing the peace, as defined by the law, on College-owned or controlled property or at College-sponsored or supervised functions. Examples of this behaviour are public intoxication; theft; fighting.

2.3 Abusive Communication

You shall not in any way abuse other students, college employees or guests of the college. Abusive communication means any unwelcome words or images received or distributed in person or by telephone, letter, electronic mail or any communication medium including social media that intimidate, disparage or cause humiliation, offence or embarrassment to a person. Examples of this behaviour are bullying; hazing; harassment; threats.

2.4 False or Misleading Information

You shall not provide false or misleading information to College officials or on official College records. This includes making malicious or bad faith complaints under this Code. You cannot forge, alter or misuse the College name, the name of any College employee, documents, records or identification. Examples of this behaviour are false complaints; creating/using/distributing false documents; misrepresenting yourself to a College Official.

2.5 Weapons and Dangerous Substances

While on any campus or College property, you shall not carry or have in your possession anything which is designed to be used as a weapon or anything that you intend to use as a weapon.

You shall not have explosives, fireworks, or unauthorized dangerous substances on College-owned or controlled property.


Student Conduct Office

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Student Services

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Markham ext. 77190
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