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Nursing lab

Our Facilities

Seneca's School of Health Sciences is located at King Campus and our facilites include the Nursing Lab, shown above, which one of the areas where computerized mannequins are used for various adult health simulations.

Clinical Simulation Learning Centre


Seneca College's Clinical Simulation Learning Centre provides 'hands on' learning for all nursing, critical care and emergency program students. Adult, child, and infant high fidelity mannequins are used in the lab, along with two medium fidelity "Vital Sim" mannequins.

These mannequins are used to help students with assessment and tactile skills. High fidelity simulation enables students to develop critical thinking, prioritizing, and organizational skills in an environment that is both safe and effective.

Students will work beside a mannequin while a 'real life' scenario unfolds. The mannequins will breathe, talk or cry (baby), simulate normal or abnormal heart, lung and bowel sounds. Students can check the "patient's" pulses and blood pressure and assess what interventions need to occur. Various tubes can be inserted into the mannequins such as: intravenous, nasogastric, endotracheal, and urinary catheters.

Critical care and emergency program students can connect ECG leads to the mannequins and interpret the results on the 'patient monitor'. Anxieties normally associated with a cardiac arrest situation may be reduced through this unique learning environment where students can acquire effective defibrillation, pacing, and CPR intervention skills.

A Simulation Network of Information for Faculty (SNIFF) site has been developed using Seneca's BlackBoard, which provides information and current research articles related to simulation for all Seneca Nursing Faculty. This site ensures easy access to information and provides a method in which faculty can keep abreast of new advancements in simulation.

Seneca's exciting future expansion of the lab will serve to assist the community through the provision of training for industry collaboration, flight paramedics, police, and fire.