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T2202A Tax Receipts

General Information

T2202A tax receipts are no longer being mailed. You can now access and print your T2202A form via Student Centre.

If you wish to have a duplicate prepared, there is a $11.30 (HST included) fee. Requests for replacement receipts must be made in writing, using the Tuition & Education Credit (T2202A) form. You may submit your completed form using one of the options outlined on the T2202A form page. During the busy tax season, (February to April) we cannot guarantee speedy service.

If Your Address Has Changed

There are three ways to advise the College of an address change:

  1. Change your address online through Student Centre
  2. Complete an Address or Name Change Form
  3. Visit the Registration & Records Office at any Seneca College campus

For Children’s Programs (camps), retain your original Confirmation of Registration form for income tax purposes. No other receipt will be issued.

Official receipts for income tax purposes covering tuition fees paid for qualifying courses taken during the preceding calendar year are available on Student Centre, late February. In accordance with Revenue Canada regulations, official receipts (T2202A Forms) are only issued for tuition fees totalling more than $100.00. Materials and administrative fees are not eligible for tax deduction.

Tax Receipts: Common Questions and Answers

Do I get a T2202A form?

T2202A forms are issued to students who have paid $100.00 or more in eligible fees (see eligible fees list) for post-secondary level courses beginning and ending in a particular calendar year.

Can I get my T2202A for past years?

T2202A's can be accessed through the Student Centre for up to three years from your last active term at the college.

Why doesn't my T2202A form match the amount I paid for my course?

The students tax receipts will reflect only the "eligible fees", not all the fees that may have been paid. Therefore the tax receipt will be at least $100.00 less per semester than the actual amount paid for a full-time program, and at least $16.00 less than the actual amount paid per part-time course.

I paid for my first year and my receipt reflects only half of what I paid. Where's the rest?

The Spring 2014 semester fees paid in 2013 will not be included in the 2013 tax receipt because they are for courses to be taken in 2014. They will be included in your receipt next year.

What is the number in column B/C for?

Full time students may claim $400.00/month tax credit for attendance as recorded in column C: and Part-time students (studying at least 12 hours per month in a course running longer than 3 weeks) may claim 120.00/month tax credit for attendance, as recorded in column B.

If I add the tuition for my Seneca College course together with that of another College course, I would meet the $100.00 minimum, why won't you give me a T2202A?

Students MAY NOT combine receipts from institutions to meet the minimum eligible fee as per the Income Tax Act.

I received my T2202A form but the address on it is incorrect. Do I need a new one?

You may submit the T2202A as received even if the address is incorrect. Note that it is not necessary for students to submit the T2202A form with the tax return, but they must produce it if requested by Revenue Canada.

My child attended a summer camp program at Seneca last summer and I did not receive a T2202A form for the fees I paid. May I get one?

Parents may choose to claim Sports/Summer camps as day care, and should use the receipt(s) provided at the time of registration for their child/children. Summer camps do NOT qualify as tuition and no T2202A form will be produced.

My parents need my T2202A form. Will you send it directly to them for me?

Students must use the Tuition & Education Credit Certificate (T2202A) on their own tax return until the Federal Tax payable is reduced to zero, after which the student may then transfer the balance of the credit to another eligible party using the reverse side of the T2202A form, as per the Income Tax Act. This requires the student's signature.

Can you help me with some questions about my tax return?

In depth questions regarding the use of the T2202A form in the tax preparation process should be directed to Revenue Canada. Tax guides are available from any Revenue Canada office or a Post Office. Revenue Canada also publishes a booklet called "Students & Income Tax" - Government form P105(E).

If you have a question for Seneca College regarding your T2202A please email: [email protected].

What fees are included in the tuition amount on the T2202A?

Only those fees in the eligible column are included in the tuition amount on the T2202A form.

Eligible Fees:

  • Admissions Testing Fee
  • Alumni Fee
  • Challenge Exams (PLA) Fee
  • Classroom Fee
  • Convocation Fee
  • Co-op Fee
  • Domestic - Health and Dental Fee
  • Exam (Real Estate) Fee
  • Exam/Administration Fee
  • Extra Subject Tuition Fee
  • Field Placement Fee
  • Fleming College Service Fee
  • Flight Test Exam Fee
  • Flight Training Fee
  • Health and Wellness Fee
  • International - Health and Dental Fee
  • International Admissions Application Fee
  • Lab Fee
  • Material Fee
  • Portfolio Assessment (PLA) Fee
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Fee
  • Service Fee
  • Seneca Student Federation Building Fee
  • Student Build Fund Fee
  • Student Bursary Levy Fee
  • Student Life Fee
  • Student Sport Build Fee
  • Student Support Fee
  • Supplemental Exam Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Tuition Fee

Ineligible Fees:

  • Appeal
  • Bus Service
  • Camper Care
  • Convocation Expense (DNS)
  • Courier/Mailing Fee
  • Deferral
  • Emergency Loan
  • F.A. Deferral
  • GST
  • HST
  • Late Payment
  • Late Registration
  • Maintenance
  • Meals
  • Non Refundable Deposit
  • NSF Cheque/Credit Card Charge
  • OSAP Deferral Fee
  • Premium Option Fee
  • Refund Admin Fee
  • Replacement Cert./Dipl./Receipt
  • Student Athletic Association Fee (SAA)
  • SAC (Student Council Activity)
  • Seminar Fee
  • SFC (Student Federation Council)
  • Student Federation Fee (SSF)
  • Student I.D. Replacement
  • Study Packages
  • Summer Camp
  • TOEFL Fees
  • Transcript
  • Transfer Fee
  • Tuition Fund
  • Wait List

How do I get a replacement tax receipt?

Replacement receipts for previous years may be requested at the cost of $11.30 per calendar year (HST included). Requests for replacement receipts must be made in writing, using the Tuition & Education Credit (T2202A) form. You may submit your completed form using one of the options outlined on the T2202A form page.

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