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Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

The general admission requirement for postsecondary programs is either:

  • the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12), with the majority of senior credits at the college preparation, university preparation or university/college preparation levels; OR
  • Mature Applicant Status (age 19 or older – refer to the section on Mature Applicant Status);
  • degree programs require six Grade 12 credits at the university, university/college level;
  • post-graduate programs require a college diploma, university degree or equivalent.

Programs – Specific Admission Requirements

Before applying, check to see if there are specific admission requirements in the program you want, such as:

  • Most degree, diploma and certificate programs require specific course and level prerequisites as part of the admission requirements. Grades in prerequisite courses (or their equivalents) will also be used as a basis for the selection of candidates for a program;
  • A questionnaire, essay, pre-test, portfolio, and/or group orientation session may be required for many degree, diploma and certificate programs offered at Seneca College.

Full Time Programs

Go to Our Programs. Select the program you want. Click Admission Requirements.

Part Time Programs

Go to Part-Time Programs. Select the program you want. Specific admission requirements for the program are in the Core Information box next to the program title.

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