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Purchasing Goods and Services


To purchase goods and services, the Purchasing Resources Department is to provide expertise and advice so that College staff will follow competitive practices that will lead to obtaining the best value for the amount of money spent, and give all potential suppliers consistent and fair access to the purchasing process.

To accomplish these objectives, the College's Purchasing Policy adheres to the following guiding principles:

Goods, Non-Consulting Services and Construction

  1. Ordering or buying of goods and services estimated to cost less than $5,000.00 (including all applicable taxes) is to be transacted directly by the requisitioning Department/Division. To provide appropriate documentation for the process, either a "Limited Purchase Order" (LPO) or a designated college "Purchasing Card", (currently the Royal Bank Visa card) can be used to place the order.
  2. The purchase of goods and services estimated to cost more than $5000.00 but less than $25,000.00 (including all applicable taxes) to be awarded upon advice of the Purchasing Resources Department. Where possible, three quotations will be obtained but in cases such as "standard" or "sole source" items, the Purchasing Resources Department will proceed directly with the acquisition to a vendor of its choice, providing that the selection of the vendor can be justified
  3. To purchase goods or services with an estimated cost over $25,000.00 but less than $100,000.00 (including all applicable taxes) requires a minimum of three written competitive quotations from known, proven, and reputable suppliers. The criteria for selecting the vendor can include not only the cost/price but other factors, such as delivery, quality, or servicing capability, which contribute to the overall value of the submission.
  4. Purchases of goods and services in excess of $100,000.00 must be made through a public tender process as stipulated by current inter-provincial trade agreements. The request for "Information", "Qualification" "Tender" or "Proposal", must be advertised electronically, conform to all rules and regulations stipulated in the provincial trade agreements and be conducted in a nondiscriminatory, fair and equitable manner. The submissions from interested vendors will be evaluated by a selection committee comprised of relevant stakeholders and Purchasing Resources.

Consulting Services

  1. BPS organizations must competitively procure consulting services irrespective of value. Any exceptions must be in accordance with applicable trade agreements.

REVISED – April 1. 2011