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: Seneca President David Agnew, students and academic staff discuss what makes a Seneca education special: high academic standards, practical, hands-on learning, expert teaching faculty and the latest technology.

Information for Parents/Guardians

The decision to attend college is a major step. If your child is planning to attend Seneca, the more you know, the better you’ll feel about it.

Seneca is a leader in post-secondary education with dedicated staff and faculty whose main goal is to provide the best experience possible for our students. All of our programs are created with input from employers to ensure what’s being taught will best prepare our students for their future careers.

Tutoring and counseling are available for students who need academic assistance, and we provide a network of support that includes disability, medical and other services.

Campus life is also an important part of a student’s experience, and Seneca prides itself on offering a safe learning environment, campuses with the latest technology and opportunities for students to try new things and meet new people.

We provide our students with the best preparation possible, allowing them to join other successful graduates in beginning their careers

Student life on campus

Clubs, sports and other activities on campus.

Tuition and education expenses

Program costs and other fees

Living at Seneca

Living in residence at our Newnham and King campuses.

Living off campus is another alternative and we have important information for first-time renters.

Campus food choices and Meal Plans.

Support for students

Seneca provides a number of services to support students academically and financially. We also have counselling, a medical clinic and services for students requiring accommodations.


Student Mentoring in Life and Education
A mentoring program for first-year students

Seneca’s Learning Centres
Tutoring, workshops and other academic help

Seneca Libraries
Located at all our major campuses, Seneca’s libraries provide valuable learning resources.


Bursaries, scholarships and student loans are available.


Health Centre
The Seneca Health Centre is located at Newnham Campus.

Disability Services
Students are encouraged to contact the Counselling and Accessibility Services prior to beginning their program at Seneca.

The Ombudsperson receives and investigates complaints in an independent, objective, impartial and confidential manner when all other College resources have been exhausted.

Where are Seneca campuses located?

Public transportation

Seneca Onecard

Add funds for student expenses

You can add funds online to a student's Seneca OneCard, which works like a debit card. The funds can only be spent at Seneca for things like parking, meals, library services, photocopying & printing. All you need is the student's student number.

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