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Tutor and student


Welcome to the Learning Centre — your one-stop location for tutoring, group study sessions, and workshops. We are here to help you, so you can learn the academic strategies to succeed in your courses.
  • One-on-One Tutoring
    Appointments focused on your individual needs that explain course concepts.
  • supported learning groups (slg)
    Student-led and collaborative study sessions that review practical examples based on the course content.
  • English Language Support
    Offered through individual appointments or group learning sessions to focus on grammar, academic writing, conversation, and pronunciation.
  • Study Skills
    Learn the appropriate strategies to succeed in your courses: time management, exam preparation, critical thinking, note-taking, and reading.
  • Online Resources
    Learn at your own pace when, and where you need it on Seneca’s My Learning site.


      • Become a Tutor
        Gain valuable work experience and help others — Learn more
  • Become a SLG Leader
    Support study skills in a group setting — Learn more
  • The Learning Portal

    Check out  to help learn the strategies and tools needed to succeed in school

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