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Seneca students

Fees for International Students

Application Fees

All International student applications must be accompanied by a $65 (Cdn) non-refundable application fee. This is the only fee Seneca charges to submit an application to Seneca.

If you choose to submit your application through an independent Educational Agency who charges a consulting fee, for services rendered, above and beyond this $65.00 Seneca application fee, it is quite separate from Seneca. This fee is set at the agency's discretion, as the owner/operator of his/her own business. Seneca asks ALL registered Seneca Educational Agency’s to not charge additional fees or to be very fair and reasonable, if charging consulting fees. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

International Tuition and Other Fees

To view the tuition fee for each program, go to the Program List. Choose your program and click “Fees”.

When you have been accepted to Seneca, you will receive an invoice with your Offer of Acceptance. It is the student's responsibility to ensure tuition fees are in your Seneca student account before the date of expiry outlined on your Seneca invoice. Fees are subject to change due to amendments in Ontario Ministry of Education and Training’s regulations and/or increased service costs.

Notice: If you are late paying your fees, you may risk losing your seat in your selected program. Seneca does have qualified applicants on waiting lists, and when your offer expires, without tuition fees in your account, applicants on the waiting lists are offered the seat.

Course Materials

Every Seneca course requires books and/or materials. The cost of these books and/or supplies will vary depending on the course and projects involved. On average, students should be prepared to spend between $400 and $900 Cdn. per semester. Please see International Welcome Guide for more details.

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Budget at a Glance

  • Seneca Fees per year
    $13,000 (approximately)
    Seneca Fees for more information
  • Books
    $400 – $900 (1 semester)
  • Housing
    $600 – $900 (1 month)
  • Transportation
    $130 (1 month)
    unlimited bus pass
  • Students can expect to budget approximately $1,200 per month for ALL living costs.
  • Above costs are in Canadian dollars

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