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Conditional and Non-Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission

If you do not meet your English proficiency requirements, you can still apply and be conditionally admitted to most of our programs.

Applicants will need to attend Seneca College’s English Language Institute (ELI) followed by the professional program of their choice. All applicants will be tested upon arrival and placed in the appropriate level of the ELI in order to improve their proficiency. Students in the upper levels of the ELI may register for a few courses from their diploma or degree programs while still attending the ELI.

Non Conditional Admission

The following programs require an IELTS academic/TOEFL/PTE academic score by all applicants.

Most programs admit students conditionally. There are some programs that require all applicants to have adequate IELTS Academic/TOEFL/PTE Academic scores at the time of application. The following programs will require an IELTS Academic/TOEFL/PTE Academic score and will not admit students conditionally.

  • Acting for Camera and Voice (2-Year Diploma); ACV
  • Advanced Accounting and Finance (Graduate Certificate); AAF
  • Applied Electronics Design (Graduate Certificate); AED
  • Art Fundamentals (1 Year Certificate); AFD
  • Bachelor of Aviation Technology; FPR
  • Bachelor of Nursing; (minimum IELTS Academic 7.0); BSCN
  • Bioinformatics (Graduate Certificate); BIF
  • Broadcasting – Radio (2 Year Diploma); RTVR
  • Broadcasting – Television (2 Year Diploma); RTVT
  • Clinical Research (Graduate Certificate); CRQC
  • Corporate Media Production (2 Year Diploma); CMP
  • Cosmetic Science (Graducate Certificate); CSPC
  • Creative Advertising (2 Year Diploma); CAB
  • Creative Advertising (Joint with York); CABY
  • Documentary & Non-Fiction Media Production (Graduate Certificate); DNM
  • Energy Management, Built Environment (Graduate Certificate); EMB
  • Environment and Site Investigation (Graduate Certificate); ETI
  • Event Management – Event and Exhibit Design (Graduate Certificate); EVT
  • Event Media Production; EMP
  • Financial Technology (Graduate Certificate); FNT
  • Firefighter, Pre-service Education and Training (1 Year Certificate); FFP
  • Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting (Graduate Certificate); FEA
  • Government Relations (Graduate Certificate); GRM
  • Graphic Design (3 Year Diploma); GRA
  • Independent Digital Photography (2 Year Diploma); IDP
  • Independent Illustration (2 Year Diploma); ILU
  • Independent Music Production (1 Year Certificate); IMP
  • Infant & Early Child Mental Health (Graduate Certificate); IMH
  • Interactive Media Design; INM
  • Journalism (2 Year Diploma); JRN
  • Mental Health Intervention (Graduate Certificate); MHI
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (Graduate Certificate); RAQC
  • Police Foundations; LAW
  • Practical Nursing (2 Year Diploma); PND
  • Pre-Media and Communications Fundamentals (1 Year Certificate); MFD
  • Project Management-Environmental (Graduate Certificate); PME
  • Public Relations - Corporate Communications (Graduate Certificate); PRC/C
  • Public Relations Investor Relations (Graduate Certificate); IRM / IRMC
  • Technical Communication (Graduate Certificate); TECC
  • Underwater Skills; UWS
  • Urban Land Regeneration; URL
  • Visual Effects for Film and Television; VFT

NOTE: All accelerated programs, all fast track programs and all programs offered jointly with York University are non-conditional.