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Where to Give

The Campaign for Students primary donation designations are:

  • Campaign for Students Bursary: Supports students with financial need across Seneca. Donations are invested in the Campaign for Students endowment and the interest is used to provide bursaries each year. New donations increase the amount that can be awarded annually and the number of students who are helped.
  • Area of Greatest Need: Donations are used to help students with urgent needs who cannot afford necessities, such as groceries, rent, transportation, books and supplies.
  • Student Experience Fund: Donations are used to support the enhancement of the Seneca student experience. This covers costs related to conferences, workshops, field trips, industry networking events, membership to professional organizations and additional learning opportunities.
  • Create your own award: You can create your own named award with $38.50 per pay. Click here to learn more.
  • Existing awards, scholarships or bursaries: Some previously established awards can receive donations at any time and you are welcome to donate to these as well. Call ext. 77285 with questions.

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