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Staying Engaged

The relationship between you and Seneca did not end when you graduated.

We have a lifetime connection that should be active and meaningful for us both. Seneca is a badge you wear every day and our story and reputation lives through you.

We know that you will benefit in so many ways by retaining your connection to Seneca and staying engaged with us and our work. Please, make sure we can stay in touch by updating your address.

We valued you as a student and we value you now as a member of our alumni community.

We encourage you to get involved, tell your story, and become a part of the journey of our current students and future Seneca alumni.

What You Can Do For Seneca

As a proud member of our alumni community, we hope you will choose to stay engaged with Seneca and provide a helping hand to students who are following in your footsteps. It starts by simply keeping in touch and showing your pride. But you can also be a mentor, guest speaker or donor.

As a Seneca alumni, we ask you to commit to:

  • Provide us with current contact details so we can keep in touch with you and update us when those details change
  • Wear your Seneca affiliation with pride and show your world that you are a Seneca alum
  • Share your story with us and tell us how Seneca helped to shape your life, and what you’ve done since you graduated
  • Help us maintain the quality, value and currency of the education we provide by giving advice and feedback as you move through your career
  • Give back to Seneca and its students by becoming a mentor or guest speaker, or providing employment and internship opportunities
  • Give back to Seneca students by making philanthropic gifts to provide financial aid or improve facilities or programs

Please contact us with any questions regarding opportunities with Seneca Alumni.