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Class of 2011

Danny Lachhman (BSD '11)

Danny Lachhman

Danny is a technology consultant pursuing an MBA at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business. After he receives his MBA, Danny plans on pursuing a career where he can use his technical and business knowledge or start a technology-oriented company.

When Danny applied to Seneca in 2007, he was very unsure of his career goals. He had no programming skills, some interpersonal skills, some work experience and average Windows OS experience. Today, he has experience with the programming languages: C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, Perl and PHP. All of this is possible because of Seneca College and the BSD program. As Danny puts it, “My education is their creation.”

Most of Danny’s gratitude toward Seneca's faculty and the College as a whole comes from the fact that he has been put on a level playing field with graduates from multiple disciplines and a wide array of postsecondary institutions.

Ji-Won Park (CNS '11)

Ji-Won Park

Ji-Won refers to Seneca as his life saver! He was an international student who finished the CNS program in 2011. He was fortunate enough to get in to the co-op program which opened the door for his career path. Ji-Won has been working as a consultant for the last few years and truly enjoys his work and the lifestyle he has - great flexibility with high pressure when something needs to be delivered.

He works with large clients including government, hospitals, hotels and resorts, and retail to name a few. He is looking to Seneca again to continue his education in the IFS program which will boost his career in the Security field.

Valeriya Kalimbet (BAG '11)

Valeriya Kalimbet

Valeriya’s dream was to become a flight attendant, however, she studied Business Administration - Management and was pleased to be hired for a full time position at Mediation company, Global Resolutions, as a coordinator right after graduation. She has been working with Global Resolutions for over four years.

Her job focuses on setting up appointments, arranging meetings and keeping up with the customer satisfaction of over 4,500 clients. She constantly utilizes her skills, experience from previous jobs and knowledge that she gained at Seneca. Valeriya is also currently obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce in Law and Business at Ryerson University.

She thanks Seneca for a wonderful experience.

Ramiel Migue (FPR '11)

Ramiel Migue

After graduation, Ramiel began working for Air Creebec on the ramp in Timmins, ON, in hopes of eventually landing a flight operations position. In April 2013, he moved to Winnipeg, MB for his first flying position with a small charter company, Keystone Air Service. He worked through the ranks to become a captain on the PA31 Navajo aircraft and a co-pilot on the Beech 99.

As of November 2015, Ramiel has been working at Jazz Aviation as First Officer on their Dash 8 classic aircraft based out of Vancouver, BC.


Ryan Dobbie (ESC '11)

Ryan is engaged to be married to his girlfriend in August, 2015. He is currently working in welding but still looking to get into communications both in the business and emergency service industry.

Ryan is an active amateur radio operator and volunteers with the Red Cross disaster management team in Oxford County.

Stephanie Strang (ECE '11)

Stephanie Strang

Stephanie recently graduated from a concurrent degree at Nipissing University with a BA Child and Family Studies Honours and a BEd Primary/Junior.


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