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Class of 2003

Kieran Lightfoot (CVL '03)

Kieran Lightfoot

Kieran Lightfoot is a Coordinator for Construction Services with Defence Construction Canada (DCC) at the 8 Wing, Canadian Forces Base Trenton. There, he is involved in the coordination and management of many construction projects.

Kieran and the DCC work directly with, and for, the Department of National Defence. DCC offices can be found on every base in Canada and employ approximately 750 personnel—70 of whom are located at Trenton. Wherever Canadian Forces are, you will find DCC. This includes locations such as Afghanistan, Alert, Jamaica, and at the most recent Olympics.

Kieran’s specialty is in heavy civil construction projects, such as runways, roads and landing pads. One of his most recent completed projects involved a night training flight runway, partially paved with red asphalt. The red asphalt shows up differently with night flights and improves night vision for the pilots.

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Selen (Beklen) Sayin (TIS '03)

Selen Sayin

Selen attended King Campus and graduated as an international student in 2003 before returning to her home in Turkey. For several years she has been working for Tesco, which operates as Tesco Kipa in Turkey, in the company’s headquarters.

She finds retail business to be very dynamic and chose to work in the shopping malls department rather than hypermarket management. She currently manages the 37 shopping malls of Tesco Kipa and is the head of the mall management team in Turkey.

Randy Ramadhin (FSU '03)

Investing in Condos

Randy has co-authored Investing in Condominiums: Strategies, Tips and Expert Advice for the Canadian Real Estate Investor (Wiley, 2011).

A lot of information has been published for those who wish to buy a condo as a principal residence, but not for investors who want to expand into the condominium market. Investing in Condominiums will show readers the ins and outs of profitable condo investing by sticking to investing fundamentals, carrying out proper due diligence, and having an exit plan.

Randy is a veteran real estate investor, an advisor to investors on building their portfolio and a teacher. He is also former Chair of the Condominium Committee of the Building Industry and Land Development Association; and founder of

You can purchase Investing in Condominiums from .

Vanessa Persechini (EXS '03)

Vanessa Persechini

Vanessa has had several different career types since graduating from Seneca. She is now happily settled and working at another postsecondary Institution in the GTA.