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Class of 1997

Tariq Ali (CPA '97)

Tariq Ali

With more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Tariq is the Chief Technology Officer of SamCERA (a $3 billion pension fund in California). Tariq directs the organization's technology strategy with an eye towards innovation, simplicity, and efficiency. He works closely with the senior executive team to align these efforts with SamCERA’s strategic goals and is responsible for managing SamCERA’s technology decisions and architecture.

Passionate about technology and its possibilities, Ali supports technologies that stimulate communication, creativity, and innovation. Prior to joining SamCERA in 2002, Ali was senior project manager at T-Systems North America, the American research and development arm of Deutsche Telekom. Prior to T-Systems, Ali was senior technical analyst at a division of IBM based in Toronto.

Ali was also responsible for managing and directing technology at Heys International, which is the largest luggage manufacturer and distributor in Canada.

Allan Tam (CPA '97)

Allan Tam

Allan was elected in 2010 as the York Region District School Board Trustee for Markham.

A sales professional in the high-tech industry for nearly 13 years, Allan spent 10 years of his career with a Canadian Computer Distributor as a business executive, providing account management services for the top 10 retailers in Canada.

Allan is the father of two children, who attend school in Markham. Allan and his wife Brenda have been involved with a Markham charitable organization for over 10 years. Visit Allan at .

Gord Collins (IBS '97)

Gord Collins

Since leaving Seneca, Gord has worked in Digital Marketing with agencies such as Eden Advertising, Brand Identity Guru, and Ravenshoe Packaging. During that time, Gord wrote a book on SEO (search engine optimization) and has launched his own business - Bay Street SEO, currently headquartered in Newmarket, which is now in business again after a short hiatus. Gord is looking forward to doing business in the US and UK and hopes to help other businesses use digital marketing and SEO to the best of their ability. Gord carries a specialized skill in the real estate sector, but has worked with ecommerce, financial, hotels, manufacturing, and many other types of businesses.

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