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Class of 1987

Jo Gomes (SSW '87)

Jo Gomes

Jo Gomes is a professor with Seneca’s social service worker program. Over the course of her 23-year career, she has held several positions in the social service field, including volunteer coordinator, group facilitator, crisis referral worker, health counsellor, employment counsellor and relief worker. Over the years, she has volunteered with the Centre for Housing and Accommodations; the Anti-Racism/Anti- Oppression Committee for Yellow Brick House; Pride York; and Take Back the Night and International Women’s Day events in York Region.

Greg Tino (DEA '87)

Greg Tino

With over 25 years in the graphic design field, Greg has experience in multiple facets in the industry, including corporate identity, brochure design, magazine design and production, website design and email campaigns.

Presently working for a small design agency that is in the field of real estate, Greg has the role of an emailer specialist. Designing and producing email campaigns for the various builders and developers in the GTA and in Canada, he handles a ton of work with the efficiency that has brought him in good standing with all the companies he has worked for.

Greg also runs a small freelance business, allowing him the freedom to pick and choose a short list of clients with whom he produces a variety of ongoing work for. He has been running this business for over 15 years and enjoys everything about it.