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Seneca Alumni Affinity Program

The Seneca Alumni Affinity Program (SAAP) is intended to support the enhancement of student life by activating student engagement and supporting student-oriented activities through the following two streams:

Alumni Sponsorship

This stream assists program areas, departments, and internal organizations in hosting events targeted to students and alumni, including mentoring events, networking opportunities, reunions, or club-based activities that support strategic objectives.

Student Experience Fund

This stream supports faculty-led learning opportunities involving a student group and is delivered beyond college boundaries. This may include attending a career, industry or association-related conference, seminar, workshop, presentation or another type of activity or event that will support specific learning outcomes.


Funding is made possible thanks to the generosity of Seneca Alumni’s affinity partners and ongoing fundraising activities, including the Alumni Pay-It-Forward Campaign.

For more information about about the program, including guiding principles, eligibility criteria and application deadlines, read the Seneca Alumni Affinity Program Policies and Procedures (pdf).

To be considered for funding, complete the Application Form (pdf) at least four weeks in advance of an activity/event/opportunity and email it to Danielle Latanskiy. You will be notified of the decision by email.