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About Alumni

Seneca Grads

You chose to study at Seneca. You chose well.

We believe that a Seneca education prepares our alumni well for their careers – whatever path you chose. In fact, we hope that Seneca changed your life for the better.

We know that alumni like you still think very highly of Seneca. We are well-known and well-regarded.

We’d like to think that you’re proud to be a member of our alumni community and you’re still interested in what’s happening here. You read the information that Seneca sends you and you try to be as engaged as you can. You care about Seneca!

And Seneca cares about you.

What Seneca Can Do For You

As a member of our alumni community, we take our responsibilities to you very seriously. Our commitment is to:

  • Keep you updated on what’s happening at Seneca
  • Maintain or increase the value of your credential by continuing to provide high quality education and high impact applied research
  • Stay true to Seneca’s values of accessibility, diversity and genuine care and nurture for our students, alumni and community
  • Provide support to you in the form of continuing education, career advancement, and benefits and services which we negotiate with suppliers on behalf of our alumni community
  • Provide you with clearly defined and easy to access opportunities to continue your engagement with Seneca by returning to campus, remaining connected with your program and professors and giving back through volunteering and philanthropy

We know that our story means nothing without the story of our alumni. And we know that our alumni are the living proof of the work we do.

Our story is contained in the changed lives, the careers, the memories, the pride and the achievements of our alumni. And we never forget that.

Together, we are stronger. So let’s keep in touch.

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