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13. Academic Appeals

You may appeal any academic decision made by the College, including but not limited to, final grades, academic honesty decisions, continuation or status in a program, School, Faculty or the College.

It is College policy that you will be given a fair hearing when you proceed with an academic appeal.

13.1 Informal Resolution

It is best for both you and the College to resolve differences quickly and informally. Therefore, if you disagree with any College academic decision you must discuss the matter with your faculty member(s) and Advisor, Program Coordinator or Chair as soon as possible to see if a mutually satisfactory solution can be reached.

13.2 Appeal

If you are unable to resolve the matter through the informal resolution (see Section 13.1 Informal Resolution), you may file an appeal with the College. You may seek assistance from the Seneca Student Federation or the Student Services Office. The appeal procedures are outlined in Appendix C.

13.3 Appeal Decision Assessment

You may apply for an assessment of the Appeal Committee’s decision through the Appeal Assessment Committee. However, you may only apply for a review based on any of the following grounds:

  • A substantial procedural error has been committed by the Appeal Committee, which has denied you a fair hearing;
  • New evidence is available that, through no fault of yours, was not available at the time the appeal was heard by the Appeal Committee;
  • The sanctions imposed by the Appeal Committee are patently unreasonable or substantially disproportionate to the circumstances or offence.

There are no other grounds for an appeal assessment. For the purpose of clarification, the Appeal Assessment Committee does not have the authority to re-hear your case on its merits, as the decision of the Appeal Committee is final. If the Appeal Assessment Committee determines that there are grounds to reconsider your case, a new appeal committee will be struck for this purpose. Members of the new appeal committee will not be the same members who heard your first appeal. The procedure for applying for an appeal assessment is outlined in Appendix C.

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