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12. Student Promotion and Status

12.1 Promotion By Term Course

In certificate and diploma programs, each term course is considered individually for promotion purposes and the student must obtain at least the minimum passing grade prescribed for the course.

For degree programs, the minimum requirement for promotion is an average of C+ (2.5) in courses in the main field of study (professional courses), and an average of C (2.0) in all other courses.

12.2 Promotion Committee

At the end of each term, and at other intervals as may be appropriate, the cumulative record of each student is reviewed by a Promotion Committee. The Committee officially represents the teaching faculty involved with the student.

The Promotion Committee recommends to the College: the grades which shall appear on the Student Academic Record (transcript); the granting of Supplemental Privilege, the granting of Transfer Credit; the withdrawal of students from the College for reasons of unacceptable performance including protraction by more than a year of the normal time required for completion of a program, attendance or behaviour; the awarding of Seneca College certificates, diplomas and applied degrees upon satisfactory completion of program learning outcomes; and other matters regarding the academic progress and performance of each student.

When the recommendations of the Promotion Committee have been accepted by the College and posted to an official transcript, they are considered final, subject only to the Appeals Procedure and/or subsequent review by the Promotion Committee. Under no circumstances will grades be conveyed to a student other than by means of the official transcript.

12.3 Student Academic Records

Each term, full-time students will view their academic record, which displays the program, academic level, and term courses in which College records show they are registered. If a student feels there is an inaccuracy in the record, it is his/her responsibility to consult with the Registrar's Office immediately to resolve the discrepancy, including his/her academic standing and supplemental privilege, where appropriate.

After the supplemental examinations have been written another report is issued to all students who wrote supplemental examinations. These reports indicate the final standing on the term's work.

The contents of transcripts are considered to be privileged information and will be released by the College to persons other than the student only on written request of the student.

12.4 Full Disclosure on Transcripts

Official copies of the student academic transcript issued by Seneca to other educational institutions at the request of the student, will fully disclose all grades earned at Seneca College.

12.5 Student Identification Card

Each student receives a Seneca Identification Card and is held responsible for material borrowed with, or use of College property authorized by, his/her card. The card is not transferable. Use of the card acknowledges the right of the College to impose penalties and/or sanctions for misuse of the card, failure to return College property, or the use or abuse of Seneca College property, contrary to the provisions of College policy.

12.6 Student Eligibility for Office in Student Activities

A student will be eligible to hold student office or represent the College on student activities only so long as he/she maintains good standing, with full-time status, in an approved Seneca College program.