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7. Attendance and Participation

7.1 Non-Attendance - Full-Time Students

Students who have not commenced attending classes during the first ten days of classes are generally assumed to have withdrawn from the College.

7.2 Attendance and Participation in a Term Course(s)

Attendance in classes is normally necessary in order to cover a course adequately. Regular participation in class discussion and completion of all term work are usually essential in obtaining a satisfactory standing.

Because of their nature, certain courses require a high level of attendance and participation as a specific course objective. The attendance policy for each term course will be clearly stated in the course outline and students will be informed of any course attendance and participation requirements at the beginning of each term.

7.3 Electronic Devices and Recording of Classes

The use of electronic devices and recorded learning activities will respect the work, dignity and reasonable expectations of privacy of all individuals in the College community. To support students' learning, electronic devices and recording of classes and learning activities may be permitted at the discretion of the faculty member or as required by the Ontario Human Rights Code and/or the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Recordings can only be used for individual study of materials presented during class. The faculty will inform all individuals participating in a class of any electronic recording of teaching and learning activities. Where required, program and course information will identify that classes may be recorded. No recording can be reproduced, distributed and/or used in any other manner without the express consent of the faculty or the College. Intentional misuse of electronic devices or recordings, or intentional misrepresentation when requesting the use of a device or recording, shall constitute a violation of the College's Academic Policy and will be pursued through the Student Code of Conduct document.