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Program Advisory Committees

About Program Advisory Committees

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities requires an advisory committee for each College program, or related program cluster, to ensure curriculum quality, student and graduate success. Committee members are an external selection of exceptional leaders in their fields with a diversity of program-related experience and expertise. The Program Advisory Committee is a highly valuable College resource and reports to the Board of Governors through the College President. Regular meeting updates are given to the Board’s Academic Planning Committee.

The Role

The committee ensures programs are current and relevant to industry, business and society. Program advisors identify current and future industry trends and shifts in the skills and knowledge graduates need to meet employer requirements. They advise on the need for new programs and participate in their development and quality assurance. Committee members also assist in identifying industry resources, including guest speakers, field placement, co-op and graduate employment opportunities. Program Advisory Committee members are key liaisons between the College and industry and between the College and the community.

The Reward

Program Advisory Committee members are key players in the future success of students, graduates and the College. In guiding the development of College programs, they help to ensure graduates are well prepared to begin their careers and contribute to their field.

The Commitment

Membership is by invitation. Appointment to the Committee is one four-year term, and when applicable, a second term may be added. Meetings are normally held one or twice per year. A list of Seneca’s Program Advisory Committees is available online.

  • Contact

    Danielle Owens
    Program Planning and Policy Analyst
    416.491.5050 ext. 22256

  • Form

    Consent to Release Information
    Applicants to Program Advisory Committees are asked to fill out a release form. (MS Word.doc)